What boat or kayak is right for me?

What boat or kayak is right for me?

This question is difficult to answer as it always depends on the paddler and his/her personal preferences. The most important things to verify when selecting a model of kayak are that you are going to be secure (the kayak is the right fit/size for your body), comfortable (the outfitting suits your needs), and properly prepared for your outing (the category of kayak corresponds with what you will be using it for). Unfortunately no one boat is going to match your every requirement so it is essential to decide your priorities and then research multiple models and their offerings to find the closest fit for you.

Once you have an idea of which models you prefer our suggestion is to visit a retailer where you can paddle them; the best indication of compatibility is always a test-run on the water as that is how you will be using it. Also, a retailer is equipped to help you with your decision if you’re still unsure, or to confirm the decision you’ve already made, as well as instruct you on any additional gear you may need.

Note: Before taking a kayak on the water please familiarize yourself with paddling safety guidelines and procedures. A course in paddle sports is recommended for your safety and also to ensure you possess the skills necessary to make your paddling experience an enjoyable one.

  1. One of our dealers can can help you better pick out the right kayak for you.   To find a dealer local to you, please check out the dealer locator on our website here

  2. Alternatively our Grambot can guide you in a very basic way towards the right kayak.  Simply click on the Chat Icon on Lower Left on any of our websites,
    1.  then choose "I want more information about your products",
    2. then choose " Which boat is right for me"
    3. and answer the series of questions until it provides some options for you

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