What material is CrossMax, Crosslight, Ultralight and Composite?

What material is CrossMax, Crosslight, Ultralight and Composite?

Hello and thanks for the question about our high quality plastic or composite materials.  Here is a brief explanation of each: 


  • Cross-Max
           Our best quality High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) rotomolded plastic provides the perfect balance between stiffness, weight, durability and quality of finish at our most affordable price.
  •    Cross-Light
           Combining the advantages of rotomolded and composite (fiberglass/Kevlar/carbon) materials, the result is stiffer, faster, up to 25% lighter boat in ABS with a fantastic shiny finish. It is significantly more affordable and durable than a composite boat.

  • Ultralight
    This ultralight material is similar to Cross-Light ABS construction with an emphasis on weight reduction. This gives it an additional 15-25% weight savings vs our crosslight construction, which makes these the lightest kayaks in their category, bar none!

  •    Composite
           Our lightest weight material in either fiberglass or Kevlar cloth is our fastest and most efficient boat. Being hand built, results in a higher price and although a little less durable than plastic boats, they can be repaired more easily.

All our plastic materials have high UV resistance in them and have some of the smoothest and shiniest finishes on the market for a beautiful look and the best performance.  

Hope this helps


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