What is the Riot 17? It is not on the Riot website.

What is the Riot 17? It is not on the Riot website.

The Riot 17 is also sold under the name BorealDesign Inukshuk. You can find information here http://borealdesign.com/kayaks/inukshuk/
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    • Can I buy a kayak on your website?

      Hi, Thank you for your interest! You can purchase our kayaks on our website (https://boutiqueborealdesign.com/) but if you are not in Quebec or the surrounding area, I would suggest instead finding a local sporting goods store that carries our ...
    • Replacing Riot Skeg and Rope Line

      Hi, Please download the instructions for replacing the skeg rope line on a Riot Kayak below.  Please check inside the skeg box to verify that the mount is still present (small box with a spring). If it is, you will only need the possibly the blade ...
    • I am looking for fins for Riot Boogie 50 kayak.

      Fin kits for the Riot Boogie 50 and other accessories can be found and ordered at our online retail store here   We ship such parts anywhere in North America and Internationally as well.  
    • How do I order scupper plugs for my sit on top Riot or Azul Kayak

      There are different variations and sizes of scupper plugs the Riot and Azul Kayaks.  For Azul Sit-On-Top  Sun series of single and tandem kayaks you can order that plug here For Riot Escape 9 series kayak you'll need the Large size ones here - sold ...
    • I have a problem with my skeg. How do I repair / replace a skeg on my Riot kayak?

      In this quick video we show you the steps to replace your skeg on your Riot Kayak.  Skeg replacement kits are available to purchase and ship to you here: https://boutiqueborealdesign.com/search?q=skeg+kit https://youtu.be/lmaqmN_Mhg0 1. Take out the ...