What equipment should I bring for paddling?

What equipment should I bring for paddling?

Take equipment specific to paddling:

  1. Life jacket or PFD (Personal Flotation Device) for each person on board
  2. Buoyant heaving line
  3. Sound-signalling device
  4. Bailer or bilge pump
  5. Sprayskirt if kayaking to keep water out of cockpit
  6. Helmet for kayak surfing, rafting, and white water paddling
  7. Proper clothing including a dry suit, wet suit or other cold water gear
  8. Paddle float to aid in re-boarding, self rescuing. 
  9. Extra clothing, spare paddle or blade, spray skirt, throw bag and dry bag
  10. Charts or local knowledge of hidden obstacles
  11. Communication device (phone, VHF Marine Radio)
  12. First aid kit
  13. Water and snacks
  14. Sponge - to get last bit of water out of the boat.
  15. Duct Tape - for quick repairs
  16. Rescue knife
  17. Float bags to provide positive buoyancy if kayak does not have sealed bulkhead storage compartments. 
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