Regions we do not ship kayaks, canoes or stand up paddleboard too.

Regions we do not ship kayaks, canoes or stand up paddleboard too.

Kayak Distribution ships a limited selection of kayaks, SUP's and canoes to most provinces in Canada when ordered online.  However the following regions unfortunately are not serviced at this time: 

Territories of

  1. Yukon,
  2. Northwest Terretories
  3. Nunavut

    And rural postal codes starting with:

Nova Scotia

B0A, BOB, B0G, B2A, B5A, B9E, B9K

New Brunswick

E0A-E0L, E1K-E1M, E2B, E3J-E3K


G0H-G0J, G4R-G4Z, G5B-G5G, G8P, J0M


R0B, R8A, R8N, R9A


T0A, T0V,

British Columbia

V0T, V0V


A2V (Labrador)

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