Receiving Your Shipment from a an online kayaks, canoe, sup purchase

Receiving Your Shipment from a an online kayaks, canoe, sup purchase

Receiving Your Shipment: 
Please ask the driver to wait while you inspect the item thoroughly BEFORE SIGNING.  If there is significant shipping damage (holes, broken hull or parts) or missing parts, take pictures and note the damage on Proof of Delivery (POD) slip,  and reject the shipment because of shipping damage.  For minor shipping damage (look for tears or damage to packaging), take pictures and note the damage on POD slip before signing for and accepting the shipment.  Once you have signed, you have accepted the shipment and if there are no exceptions noted on the slip, the transporter will deem shipment accepted in good condition and be less likely to approve any claim.   Failure to inspect for damage releases the freight carrier from responsibility for damage and prevents claims.

NOTE: Even if the shipment appears intact, you can write ‘Subject to Inspection’ on the documentation before signing; a claim in this case is not as easy to establish/collect on but it allows for the possibility of concealed damage. Inspect the product completely as soon as possible (the more time that passes the more difficult establishing a claim will be) and contact us to submit a claim if there are issues discovered

In all cases other than because of shipping damage,
if a kayak delivery is refused by the customer and is returned to Kayak Distribution, we have the right to charge the customer another shipping fee to re-ship the kayak. Shipping to any location in the country is expensive for Kayak Distribution and has gotten more so over the past year.
If you find any damage please visit our Shipping Claim Form page here and follow the instructions carefully. 
Please keep all original cartons and packing materials. If you do not have the original shipment box and/or product packaging the product CANNOT be returned.

To file a claim, you will need:
·       Fill out online Shipping Claim Form here 
·       A copy of the signed Proof of Delivery stating there were issues
·       Photos of the damages and/or description of the missing product
·       A copy of your Kayak Distribution / Boutique Boreal Design invoice showing the cost of the product
·       A description of the extent of the damages (i.e. the product can be repaired at a cost, the product is beyond repair, etc.) or a request for reimbursement in the case of missing part or product. The more details the better.
·       If your claim is approved, shipping company may pick up defective product.  In this case, pack the item securely and include the original packaging.  We ask that you send us a few photos of the packaged up item to ensure to our shipping company that it is ready to go. 
Kayak Distribution may replace parts damaged in shipping (i.e. broken deck fittings) at no charge but the customer is responsible for the cost to ship them.

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