Instructions on how to set up Azul iDock and user manual download

Instructions on how to set up Azul iDock and user manual download

The following are the instructions for set up and proper use and care for the Azul iDock. (see attachment download link at bottom of the page) 

What is in the package :
inflatable dock , carry bag , hand pump ,and repair kit

Inflation Process
• Unfold dock with valve side up.
• Open valve and ensure center pin is in “up” position.
• Attach pump hose to valve by twisting to secure in place.
• Pump to desired PSI (7 - 18 PSI).
• Detach hose and close valve cap.
• *Do not exceed over 18 PSI.

Deflation Process
• Open valve and push center button down and twist torelease air.
• Air will flow out rapidly. Let air deflate for one minute.
• From the opposite side of the valve, fold the dock in half lengthwise, then begin folding in 12 to 14 inch sections until dock is completely deflated.

For optimal storage keep dock stored in a dry place. For storage in an area that is below freezing temperatures, ensure that dock is free of moisture and kept loosely folded. Dock can be stored inflated or deflated, inside our outside. Do not store dock in extreme heat when inflated
above 8 PSI. Avoid storing dock in direct sunlight. When storing outside of its provided bag, please store above ground in a clean environment.

• The Utility Dock can be inflated with either the included hand pump or an electric pump with gauge. If using an air compressor, be sure to use a valve adapter with a PSI gauge.
• If left inflated, there may be a slight deflation due to temperature change. In this case, add more air to desired pressure.
• Air expands on hotter days. If using on a hot day, set the PSI to a lower pressure to allow the heat of the day to naturally expand the docks air pressure.
• If using on a cooler day, set the PSI to a slightly higher pressure (not exceeding 18 PSI) to allow for natural internal deflation caused by the cool water.
• Use dock on calm, flat water, on days where wind is low.