How to repair or fix a cracked kayak

How to repair or fix a cracked kayak

There is no reason why you cannot fix a plastic  ABS Thermoformed or Composite boat on your own.  Using these resources and the right tools it can be done. If it seems too difficult, then many kayak dealers and also marinas offer this service.  Ask around in your area.

  1. Plastic rotomolded polyethylene (HDPE) - View Article & Video Here
  2. ABS Thermoformed (Plastic) or Composite (fiberglass, kevlar) - View Article Here  & View Video Below
  3. Themoformed Plastic Repair Bible - View Document

Other products to help in repair and prevention are:
  1. Gator Guard 
  2. Keel Eazy

Here are some additional instructions for our polyethylene boats:
1. Clean the crack and bevel the edges
2. Prepare a strip of plastic material to fill the crack. If you do not have the proper plastic we suggest shaving a small portion of plastic from the underside of your cockpit for this purpose
3. Use a heat source to heat both the crack and plastic at the same time, just until the materials become shiny and the plastic sticks easily to the crack upon contact; DO NOT heat to the point where the material flexes in on itself as the crack will open up when the plastic is applied. NOTE: The best heat source is a heat gun with a small ¼” diameter tip
4. Stick the plastic strip to the beginning of the crack and apply just enough pressure for the materials to blend on each side. Continue gently pushing the plastic into the crack, heating both the crack and the plastic as needed, until the crack is filled
5. Heat the end of the excess plastic so it can be twisted and broken off/removed
6. Heat any areas of the weld that need to be leveled and smooth them out by applying pressure with a thick piece of wax paper or a metal plate NOTE: Press down – do not rub sideways

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