How do I order / buy your kayaks or parts?

How do I order / buy your kayaks or parts?

Thanks for your inquiry.  You can search for our dealers closer to you here.  You can then contact them about ordering a kayak or SUP for you.  Some dealers provide shipping regionally,  so if you select "Sells Online" from the filter menu list, and your location it will show you results.   Amazon and some of our larger dealers also have online stores.  

For Parts and Service ordering you can visit our online store here - we ship parts to North American and International customers (some restrictionsl may apply to larger components like seats and impulse mako drives) 
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      You can order many different parts for your Mako Kayak Impulse Drive.  Please see attached Parts List (PDF) and links to online order page.  You may also find the following overview video of the different parts and maintenance helpful.  
    • Where and how to order parts for my kayak or SUP board?

      We sell many replacement parts for our different brands of kayaks and boards.  Please visit our online store here.  Under Parts and Service menu you will find: Components Deck Outfitting Seats Seat Back & Covers Skeg / Rudder Mako Parts & Accessories ...
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      At Kayak Distribution (Riot Kayaks, Boreal Design, Cobra Kayaks, Azul Kayaks, Riot SUP’s and Beluga Outdoor Gear) we stand behind our products with a 5 year limited warranty and 1 year on parts in North America.  If there is a problem with your kayak ...