How to fix bulkheads on thermoformed ABS kayaks

How to fix bulkheads on thermoformed ABS kayaks

If you are experiencing the issue of the bulkhead becoming separated or unglued on your Thermoformed ABS kayak, there is a relatively easy fix following these steps and with white Sikaflex marine caulking.  The following article explains the steps, tools and materials needed to fix a bulkhead that has separated from the hull or deck and needs re-gluing.  

Tools and Materials Needed:
  1. clean rags or paper towel
  2. caulking gun
  3. shop vac (optional)
  4. 200 grit sand paper
  5. industrial rubbing alcohol
  6. paint scraper
  7. Marine sikaflex caulking (can be purchased on Amazon or most hardware stores)

Step 1:  Spray industrial alcohol on the bulkhead white glue seam and wait 3 5 minutes to soften the white glue
Step 2:  Use a paint scraper to clean up the softened white glue and clean the glue scum with a vacuum cleaner or rag
Step 3:  .Use 200 grit sandpaper to sand the parts between bulkhead board and the hull that need to be glued. This will help increase the viscosity of the glue. Be careful not to sand the hull too much which will make hull looks rough . Clean up the residual glue and debris with a vacuum cleaner or rag.
Step 4:  After determining the position of the bulkhead board, inject the glue (Sikaflex) on the gap between the bulkhead board and the hull. Make sure the glue fills
the full gap. Then clean up the excess glue and wait for 30 60 minutes. When the glue is still drying, ensure that the hull is kept dry and in well ventilated place.

See, download and print these instructions in PDF below. 

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