I have a problem with my skeg. How do I repair / replace a skeg on my Riot kayak?

I have a problem with my skeg. How do I repair / replace a skeg on my Riot kayak?

In this quick video we show you the steps to replace your skeg on your Riot Kayak.  Skeg replacement kits are available to purchase and ship to you here: https://boutiqueborealdesign.com/search?q=skeg+kit


1. Take out the silcone and lossen the screws with spanner and srewdriver at the uphaul and downhaul slider control.
2. Open the slider cover
3. Cut the knot of rope and take out the rope
4. Assemble the spring into the skeg mount and put it into the skeg box.  
5. Put the new spectra line through the skeg blade
6. Make a knot so doesn't pull through the hole. 
7. Put the skeg blade into the skeg mount
8. Put the line into the hose feeding it back up to the slider box
9. Pass the line through the slider
10. Put the skeg blade down into the box
11. Fix the blade in place with tape
12.  Tighten the line
13.  Pass the line through the aluminum stop sleeve.  When the sleeve is 2.5 cm from the right edge of the slider, clamp the sleeve.
14.  Put the sleeve into the button
15.  Put the button into the slider box
16. Apply enough silicone on the slider cover
17. Then cover the slider. 
18.  Tighten the screws - tighten the rear screw / bolt first
19. Clean the excess silicone 
20. Use tie wrap to fix the white hose onto slider / footpedals
21. Apply silicone around the slider on inside then spread evenly

You are done!  

Hope this helps and gets you out on your way again.  See you on the water!