How do I fix a leak in my compartment or hatch?

How do I fix a leak in my compartment or hatch?

The first step to fixing a leak in your  compartment/hatch is identifying where the water is entering. The possibilities are:
  1. The hatch cover is not forming an adequate seal, perhaps due to improper maintenance (requires regular cleanings to remove salt water and other harsh particles); if after a proper cleaning the leak remains replacement hatch covers are available
  2. Broken or loose deck fittings may leave an opening in the hull where water can enter; replacement of these deck fittings should solve the problem
  3. Loose bulkheads, due to the flexing of the kayak over time, will allow water from the cockpit to enter your dry compartments. If the bulkhead is loose/ has popped out you will need to reseal it; please see Knowledge Base article on replacing a foam wall/bulkhead

  4. If the source of the leak is not readily apparent then you will need to do a ‘reverse leak test’ wherein you put water in the waterproof compartment and seal it tightly with the hatch cover. When you slowly roll the kayak you should be able to see where the water is coming out and fix accordingly.
  5. Replacement parts can be found through a dealer or directly through Kayak Distribution here
    IMPORTANT: Items that absolutely cannot get wet should always be stored in a dry bag for additional protection.

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