How do I become a Dealer?

How do I become a Dealer?

Hello and thanks for your interest in becoming a Kayak Distribution dealer, manufacturer of  Riot Kayak, Boreal Design, Cobra Kayaks, Azul Kayak, Riot SUP's and Beluga Outdoor Gear.  Please fill in the Dealer Form here.  

This records and sends / notifies our national sales manager who will be in touch soon. 

Thanks again, 
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      At Kayak Distribution (Riot Kayaks, Boreal Design, Cobra Kayaks, Azul Kayaks, Riot SUP’s and Beluga Outdoor Gear) we stand behind our products with a 5 year limited warranty and 1 year on parts in North America.  If there is a problem with your kayak ...
    • Finding a dealer.

      Hi, Thank you for your interest! To find a dealer local to you, please check out the dealer locator on our website here. Regards, Jessica
    • How do I register my kayak or SUP with you?

      Thanks for purchasing a kayak or SUP from Kayak Distribution (Riot Kayaks, Boreal Design, Cobra Kayaks, Azul Kayaks, Riot SUPs). Please tell us about your purchase by filling out the registration form here.  Afterwards please head over to our Owner’s ...
    • Is my kayak registered for warranty?

      Hi, Kayak registration as of mid 2021, is done online and we can verify this information relatively quickly.   However the fastest method for warranty service is to fill in the Warranty Claim Form.  We will review your registration and other ...
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      This question is difficult to answer as it always depends on the paddler and his/her personal preferences. The most important things to verify when selecting a model of kayak are that you are going to be secure (the kayak is the right fit/size for ...