Finding a dealer.

Finding a dealer.


Thank you for your interest! To find a dealer local to you, please check out the dealer locator on our website here.


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    • Can I buy a kayak on your website?

      Hi, Thank you for your interest! You can purchase our kayaks on our website ( but if you are not in Quebec or the surrounding area, I would suggest instead finding a local sporting goods store that carries our ...
    • How do I order / buy your kayaks or parts?

      Thanks for your inquiry.  You can search for our dealers closer to you here.  You can then contact them about ordering a kayak or SUP for you.  Some dealers provide shipping regionally,  so if you select "Sells Online" from the filter menu list, and ...
    • How do I become a Dealer?

      Hello and thanks for your interest in becoming a Kayak Distribution dealer, manufacturer of  Riot Kayak, Boreal Design, Cobra Kayaks, Azul Kayak, Riot SUP's and Beluga Outdoor Gear.  Please fill in the Dealer Form here.   This records and sends / ...
    • I need a hatch cover for my kayak. Where can I buy or find one?

       We sell many different hatch covers for Riot, Boreal Design, Cobra and Azul brand kayaks.  Please visit our online store here.  We ship parts to North America and International as well.  Alternatively you can use our online ChatBot on the store site ...
    • Mako 10/12 request (French)

      Hi, Thank you for your interest! To find a dealer near you, please visit the dealer locator on our website here. We recommend Austin Canoe & Kayak or Sportsman Warehouse to arrange delivery. Please check here . Salutations, Akshay.