Can the Mako kayak be carried on a car ? How heavy is it? How to lift it on car?

Can the Mako kayak be carried on a car ? How heavy is it? How to lift it on car?


Thank you for the message.

The listed weight without the pedal drive for the Mako 10  is 64.6  lbs and 69.2 lbs for the Mako 12 which should be just fine for the roof of most vehicles.

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    • What is the weight capacity of a Mako kayak?

      Hi,  Thank you for the message. Weight Capacities are: Mako 10: 465 lbs (211 kg) Mako 12: 475 lbs (215 kg)  Mako 14: 550 lbs (249.5 kg) Mako Air: 450 lbs (240.1 kg) 
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      When transporting your kayak / SUP, take care to avoid potential damage or distortion to the hull.  A good rack system allows you to transport your craft on your vehicle safely and securely.  When transporting a composite FG or thermoformed ABS, you ...
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      Hi, Thank you for the message, This boat does not come with a trailer.  The Mako 10 & 12 are both suitable for car roof racks rated for 100 capcity.  However the Mako 14 is heavier and would be more suitable for a small trailer.  There are many small ...