Can I buy a kayak on your website?

Can I buy a kayak on your website?


Thank you for your interest! You can purchase our kayaks on our website ( but if you are not in Quebec or the surrounding area, I would suggest instead finding a local sporting goods store that carries our products or checking on Amazon or eBay. If you'd like to find a retailer of our products near you, please check out our dealer locator here.

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    • I need a hatch cover for my kayak. Where can I buy or find one?

       We sell many different hatch covers for Riot, Boreal Design, Cobra and Azul brand kayaks.  Please visit our online store here.  We ship parts to North America and International as well.  Alternatively you can use our online ChatBot on the store site ...
    • How do I order / buy your kayaks or parts?

      Thanks for your inquiry.  You can search for our dealers closer to you here.  You can then contact them about ordering a kayak or SUP for you.  Some dealers provide shipping regionally,  so if you select "Sells Online" from the filter menu list, and ...
    • I own a Riot whitewater kayak. Is there an owners manual for my kayak?

      See link at bottom to view and download the Riot Whitewater Owner's Manual from 2008. Works fairly well for info on current (since we have not changed them much) and older model (discontinued) kayaks.
    • What boat or kayak is right for me?

      This question is difficult to answer as it always depends on the paddler and his/her personal preferences. The most important things to verify when selecting a model of kayak are that you are going to be secure (the kayak is the right fit/size for ...
    • What is the best way of storing my kayak?

      For long-term storage and to prevent hull deformation, your kayak should be kept on its side or upside down, on a padded rack with bars placed on or near the bulk heads. Take care to protect it from long – term exposure to the sun or extreme heat, ...